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Why is VR panorama so popular?

Why is VR panorama so popular

VR panorama is a display form that can be viewed at 720 degrees without a dead angle by utilizing panorama and virtual reality technology. At present, in addition to its great success in the field of entertainment, VR panorama has also become the focus of people in the field of commerce and has been widely used in marketing promotion by the government, scenic spots, enterprises, campuses, and exhibitions. So why is VR panorama so popular? In addition, if you want to know the history of VR, you can click here.

1. Improve publicity efficiency

The main propaganda way of traditional industry is through the images and video, with the development of science and technology, images and video have been unable to meet the customer to the enterprise, and the demand of the real information, people now urgently want to know the company’s real ability to provide the corresponding services or products, VR panorama can be shown in the physical product and environment, to let the customer feel more intuitive and reliable.

2. Arouse customers’ emotions and improve service quality

VR panoramic view as a kind of new visual display technology, become the most popular new visual marketing, it can be used to show the goods into the scene and VR equipment can be used to let customers experience, it can make the marketing become more interesting, so as to improve service quality.

3. Reduce marketing costs and improve corporate profits

With 720 degrees panoramic technology application, mall halls, home building materials, products, stores, flagship store, KTV, hotel rooms, gym, and school-related space show no longer have the limitation of time and place, 3D panoramic display make the visit becomes more convenient and quick, support in any way such as QQ number, WeChat, Weibo, the company’s web site, and any network marketing channels can cooperate.

4. Create favorable conditions to surpass competitors

There are a lot of the company’s market positioning, adhere to the line of high-end with perfect supporting facilities, humanized service, the unique enterprise culture, and the environment,but the good and bad people mixed up in the market environment, without a powerful propaganda tool, a few photos can be beauty of two-dimensional images, but it is hard to attract the consumer, VR panoramic display is tailored for the company, which can realize the real environment and products of the company’s panoramic display, appropriate product information and introduction of company culture can be added in each scene according to the needs, so as to show the advantages of the company to customers through every detail, in this way can give customers a more real experience, deepen their impression and enhance their desire to buy.

5.More scene application advantages

In investment attraction, business negotiation, talent exchange, personnel recruitment, and other occasions, the use of panorama can promote the company’s environment and scale. Customers do not simply make decisions based on fragmentary photos or renderings, nor do they need to study the company’s promotional text step by step. The novel 720-degree panorama can highlight the strength and charm of the company.

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