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Management experience of an indoor playground

Management experience of an indoor playground

Being a boss is everyone’s dream. With the growing development of the children market, more and more entrepreneurs want to enter this industry, but they are prudent to invest because of lack of experience. In order to make it easier for entrepreneurs, I will teach you a few skills.

1.Location of the site

An old saying goes: The right place at the right time! If the location is not right, you are bound to fail. The site is the premise of running an indoor playground, and an assessment of the flow of people and business prospects around the park should be made in advance. You can consider choosing a large shopping center, shopping mall, supermarket, large community, kindergarten, and similar shops near the street, The popularity means the income.

2. Market conditions

The choice is more important than effort, if the timing is wrong, effort is of little use. For example, if you invest in BP machinery factory in China, even if you have the best quality and the lowest price in the world, there will be no market, because this industry is outdated! The target age group should be specific, whether it is 0~6 years old who has not gone to school, primary school students who have just entered school, or middle school students.

3.Equipment selection

For children aged 0-2 years, their physical growth rate is slower than infancy, while their language and movement abilities are significantly improved, they can walk. Therefore, you can choose blocks, picture books, and other equipment; For children aged 3-6 years, slides and playgrounds are available. Children ages 6 to 12 like toys that can improve their skills and intelligence, such as expansion playgrounds and mazes. According to the different age configuration of different equipment, your equipment has to meet the needs of children of multiple ages at the same time, so that it can attract more children.

4. Decoration

The decoration was not particularly important, but it is not the same today, the decoration is very important because now consumers are picky, rare and exquisite, especially indoor playground, its purpose is to give customers the first feeling and store image. If an indoor playground is better than other parks in design, store layout, project integration, lighting use, decorative elements, material selection, and other aspects, then you have 50% chance of winning!

5.Equipment manufacturers

There are two choices for the partners of the soft play, one is to buy the equipment directly from the manufacturer, the other is to join in the cooperation. For inexperienced entrepreneurs, the second choice can reduce a lot of difficulties. At present, the agent brands in the market do not charge franchise fees and provide all-round support from guidance to service.

6.Failure experience

The way to avoid failure is to walk on the road to success! Failure experience is more important than success experience because management is not a math problem, there is no invariable formula because this market is a changing market, a lot of successful experience is not vital!

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