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Crazy VR Gatling virtual reality games machine continue with firing

virtual reality games machine

I believe many 80s or 90s have played Cross Fire and Counter-Strike, both of which are very popular in 20th century. In these two games, players have the chance to master many kinds of rifles like AK-47, M416, or Scar-L. For myself, I will say that the Gatling, which is one of the machine guns, gives the best shooting feeling. When you are firing, the only sound you can hear is: “da, da, da”. It feels very enjoyable and you would like to tear yourself off from that feeling. Now, you will have the chance to retake the Gatling again with VR Gatling virtual reality game machine. As long as you put your hands on the big gun, you will repick those feelings again.

What does the VR Gatling virtual reality game machine features?

The VR Gatling virtual reality game machine can create a virtual battlefield where players can experience all kinds of firing sounds. It mainly features a large LCD screen and a big Gatling, which are all attached to the main structure. When you are ready to play the game, you just need to stand on the platform putting on VR glasses and pick the Gatling. Remember to adjust the height of Gatling through the switch, otherwise, you will soon get tired from holding up such a big machine gun.

What can you experience with it?

  • Passionate shooting: The machine gun is built on a facile base so that it can rotate freely in 360°. This will allow the player to shoot at every destination at will. Also, the base is dynamic, so, you can clearly feel it vibration when you are scanning throughout the whole battlefield. With these two awesome effects, you will soon get lost in the virtual warfare.
  • High definition projection: The VR Gatling game machine configured a huge LCE screen that will present a high definition graphics of the game. With the assistance of laser positioning system, the screen will accurately capture your dynamic position and broadcast it to the visitors.
  • Strong compatibility: Since the position of the Gatling machine gun is adjustable, so, it will be suitable for people of almost all ages. Generally, you will just need to use the switch to adjust it to the position that equals to the height of your chest. Then, you will feel it pretty easy to scan consistently.
  • Strong stability: Since the platform is made to very flat, so, it will remain in a strong stability when you are spinning the big machine gun. Also, the ergonomic design of its bearing surface will help you stand steadily during the game.

If you want to revisit the shooting feeling in CF or CS, you are recommended to try the Gatling virtual reality game. With its omnidirectional shooting function, you will experience more than those former feelings.

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