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Get a VR cinema to build a modern theater

As one of the leading companies of VR industry, we started our business from early 2004 that is considered 15 years away from today. During this period, we have been concentrating on making out innovative and fun VR products for creating a new recreation style. Due to continuing input of all our employees, we become the first one to run a 9D dynamic cinema in China. Also, we get patent certificates of dynamic seat control system, as well as wireless control system in 9D cinema field. In our specially designed 9D VR cinema, audiences will soon get lost in the movie scenes.

VR games playground

Today, 3D movie becomes a trend around the world and it completely catches people’s eyes with its superb visual experience. With our VR cinema, we add more fun and special experiences to the movie or video. In general, people need to sit on the dynamic chairs and put on VR glasses to begin their VR trip. Our VR glasses are made of carefully elected material to guarantee a wonderful visual effect. The dynamic seats are made of durable materials so that it can withstand a fierce fluttering and a heavy weight. Sitting on our dynamic chairs, people have no need to fear of a sudden collapsion either.

In addition to the VR cinema, we still have many other VR equipment that can create various kinds of virtual reality world for our users. For instance, we have multiplayer VR Game that can provide an exclusively-created limitless walking platform for visitors to move around. Also, it is equipped with HTC VIVE Pro glasses to give players a first-person visual effect in 360 degrees. Players just need to turn their heads in a natural way to see through the whole scene. Since we have worked in VR field for decades of years, we have accelerated plentiful experiences that help us offer the most thoughtful services to our clients. At the same time, we have invested lots of money in developing new technologies and new products. In that period, we have been through some extremely tough time that almost destroyed us. But luckily, we made it through and become stronger and stronger. Now, we have our own factories spreading across the country, which are equipped with latest technologies and powerful tools. Still, we are complying with ISO9001 all the time so that we can make sure all our products are safe and environment friendly.

Our company have been leading all the way in providing high-quality and fun, as well as safe VR equipment. Particularly, we are extremely good at making VR cinemas. But we can also provide you with other kinds VR equipment listed in our product presentation. So, if you need to open a VR play center, you shall not give up your hesitation and start to cooperate with us.